The Benefits of Complete Landscape Services

With the arrival of spring, many Macomb County homeowners start to think about making changes to their home’s landscape and outdoor living spaces. Often our clients think that they have to hire multiple companies to complete their landscape upgrade. Hiring a landscape designer, a hardscape contractor, a lawn and plant contractor, and a pool contractor all for one job can be very costly, with each charging their own separate rates and mobilization fees. And often times, they don’t all communicate together so the project ends up a mess. What makes more sense is to hire one company that can do your complete project, from start to finish.

Landscape Services Save Time

If you are looking to redo your complete landscape, you know that the project will take time. What makes these kind of projects take even more time is when you have to coordinate multiple contractors. When you hire a company like Classic Landscape to do everything from your hardscape surfaces to your lawn and garden installation, you don’t have to worry about which contractor comes on which day. You also don’t have to worry about time gaps in your project. With one contractor doing all of the work, it all gets done in a pre-planned time frame that works with your schedule.

Landscape Services Tie Everything Together

With one landscape contractor working on your complete landscape design, you can rest assured that your whole landscape from the brick pavers for your hardscapes to the plants and lawn areas will blend together, just as you had hoped. With one contractor doing all of the work for you, you will know beforehand if something won’t work as you had planned or if plants that you had wanted won’t work in a particular space. You don’t have to worry about plans changing, or having to make two different projects work together. Everything is planned and constructed at the same time, with one contractor who knows exactly what you’re looking for.

Extended Maintenance

Your new landscape is going to need maintenance. Hardscapes need to be cleaned annually and filled and resealed from time to time. Your lawn and gardens will also need upkeep through the years. With one contractor that can do all of your landscape maintenance, you can rest assured that the people who installed your beautiful new landscape also know what it takes to care for it in the future. You only have to work with one company for all of your maintenance needs.

Landscape Services Save Money

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of hiring one company that can complete your landscape project from start to finish. Every contractor that you hire will charge you some sort of mobilization fee, and labor. Labor costs can vary from contractor to contractor, and if you have to pay a mobilization fee for every contractor, you likely will end up spending more than you had anticipated. With one contractor onsite to do your hardscape work AND your lawn and garden installation, you only have to pay one mobilization fee, and you know that labor and material costs will be consistent. This saves you money, and gets you the best product for your investment.

For More Information on Landscape Services in Macomb County, Michigan

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