Mixed Materials in Hardscape Construction

Many Macomb County homeowners want to have a beautiful landscape and hardscape, but don’t really like the look of just brick, stone or flagstone. Often our clients ask us if there are ways to incorporate multiple types of hardscape materials into their landscape. Many of these clients, want a structured look for their patio, but want something more natural for walkways and retaining walls. These same clients also worry that mixing and matching materials will make their landscape look hectic. There are great ways that we can incorporate different hardscape materials into your landscape design, without leaving your exterior looking like an afterthought.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are a great material for patios, driveways and structured walkways. We like to use brick pavers in these applications, because they are durable, easy to install, and give a smooth and structured look. Your paver patios and driveways are great places to create a bit of an artistic splash for your home, by combining different colored pavers, or using pavers to create a unique design in your paver patio and driveway. Brick pavers are also great for building retaining walls around your paver patio. Using brick pavers in this application allows us to easily tie the retaining wall structure into the patio, making construction simple. It is also easy to incorporate lighting and seating into brick paver retaining walls. Finally, brick pavers are a perfect material for your poolside patio. They are a great non-slip material that keeps cooler than stone or concrete, so it’s easy on feet, but still keeps your family safe around the pool.


Flagstone pavers are a really great material for creating natural looking pathways, and small patios. Flagstone walkways and paths can be easily incorporated into your brick paver patios. With the right brick and smart layout of flagstone, the transition from the structured brick to the more natural and organic flagstone can be attractive and create a beautiful and unique look. The great thing about flagstone is that the uniqueness of each piece of stone, and the way they fit together, means you get a patio or walkway that looks unique from any other in your neighborhood.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has just as many applications for its use as brick pavers. Natural stone may not be a great material for driveways, but it can be used in walkways and patios. Use rock and boulders to build natural-looking retaining walls for gardens and planters. Larger boulders can also be used to build structural retaining walls, and are great landscape features on their own. Natural stone slabs can be used to construct features such as natural benches, and are great single pieces for patio steps, or steps throughout your landscape. Don’t forget about natural stone for your water features. Stone slabs, natural boulders and rocks of various sizes make a great, natural looking pond, water fall or small stream through your patio, yard or garden.

Hardscape materials can easily be mixed and matched in your home’s landscape. Each material provides a different look and function for your hardscape. A thoughtful design can easily tie in a variety of hardscape materials without looking haphazard or piece milled.

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