Natural Stone / Brick Paver Design Ideas for Small Patios in Clinton Twp., Michigan

Not all of our clients have large backyards or tons of space to build a full outdoor living space in Clinton Twp., Michigan. However, this doesn’t mean that these clients don’t want beautiful features for their small yard, or an attractive stone or paver patio. Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean that we can’t create a beautiful and inviting outdoor landscape. When a new Clinton Township client comes to us looking for ideas and a design for a small backyard space, these are the features we like to recommend.

Natural Features

We like to use natural stone for small spaces. Natural stone gives a small space a less structured look and keeps the design fresh and inviting. Natural stone is also great for creating a simple design. Brick and concrete block are also great materials as well. Small spaces can quickly become constricted if there is too much stuff, and too much structure. Using natural materials such as natural stone and brick pavers keeps your small outdoor space simple, clean and open feeling.

Built-in Features

A great way to utilize a small amount of space is to create multipurpose, built-in features. Retaining walls around your patio can include planters and built-in benches. This makes the most of your space, while still providing a comfortable place to sit. Natural stone is a durable material and is great for creating long-lasting planters and retaining walls. Another great feature that can be multi-purpose is a built-in stone table. Create a hollow table with an easy to remove top in wood, and use the space underneath for storage or a built-in cooler. Multipurpose, built-in features are great ways to maximize space and incorporate natural stone into your landscape.

A Small Water Feature

Water features don’t have to be large to get the relaxing and peaceful benefits of running water. Natural stone is a perfect material for creating water features in any size space. Natural stone is able to handle the wear of water, over time, and is a perfect long-lasting material for water features. Small water features can include water falls, fountains and small ponds. Some of our Clinton Township clients even like to incorporate planters in and around their water features. Water features do require a bit of planning and special consideration for their location, so it’s important to work closely with your hardscape / landscape designer, to find the right place for your water feature in your small outdoor space.

Simple Covering

You probably don’t want to overwhelm your small space with a complete roof or solid awning, so a pergola is a perfect option for covering a small patio. Because it isn’t completely closed in or covered, it keeps your small outdoor space feeling open, but can still provide some shade and dimension to your space. Pergolas can incorporate shade fabric on the top to create additional shade. Soft linen or cotton curtains on the sides can give privacy and more shade on those hot summer days. Natural stone can be incorporated around the base of the pillars to tie them in with the rest of your outdoor space, or to create beautiful seating between the pillars of your pergola.

For More Information on Natural Stone or Brick Paver Patios in Clinton Township, Michigan

Natural stone is perfect for creating all of the best features of a small outdoor space, and is an affordable option for the client with a small area and budget. If your petite backyard needs a landscape upgrade, Classic Landscape is your Macomb County / Metro Detroit expert in creating beautiful hardscape features. To schedule a hardscape design estimate, call us at (586) 243-3555.