Creating Serenity – Backyard Water Features

One backyard feature that many homeowners love to include in their hardscape designs is a water feature. We’re not talking about a swimming pool, but rather a small feature that adds to the serenity of their outdoor living space. Water features can be big, small or somewhere in between, and can be made to fit any size space. Whether you are creating a tiny oasis or a grand outdoor living space, a water feature can turn your ordinary backyard into a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Part of a Complete Design

A water feature can easily be included in the design for your outdoor living space. Since we are already working with the materials that are necessary for creating a water feature, this is the perfect time to figure out how to incorporate the perfect water feature in your landscape design. Whether it’s a small pond or a fountain on your patio, using the same materials as your other hardscapes will make your water feature match the rest of your new hardscape features. Brick and stone are perfect materials for water features because they are long lasting and can withstand the long-term wear that water can cause.

Water Feature Options

You have a few options when it comes to the type of water feature that you install in your outdoor living area. Which you choose depends a lot on the size of your space, and how you want to incorporate the water feature in your landscape design.

Waterfalls – Waterfalls are a great feature for any size outdoor space. If you have a small space, a waterfall can easily be incorporated into a retaining wall or on your patio, against a wall. If you have a larger space, waterfalls can be incorporated into a system of ponds, connecting one pond to another. Either way, a waterfall can give your outdoor living space a soothing sound and help take you away to a peaceful place, free of life’s craziness.

Fountains – Fountains, like waterfalls can also be incorporated into any size space. We can build a small fountain for a townhouse patio, using pots and pavers, tucking it into a corner of your patio or into a small planter. Fountains are great options for larger landscapes that are incorporating a pond into the design. Fountains keep water moving around a pond, which is great for eliminating algae and mosquito larvae. Fountains don’t have to be big to make a quieting impact on your outdoor space.

Ponds – In general, ponds are best for medium to large outdoor spaces. For a pond to be really healthy and to work well, they should not be too small. When designing a pond into an outdoor living space, we can incorporate it into your hardscape patio, making it a peaceful place to sit by, or we can incorporate it into the natural spaces surrounding it with beautiful plantings and filling it with lily pads. Ponds should have some way to move the water to keep it from getting stagnant, so consider including either a fountain or waterfall to keep water fresh and free of pests.

Water features are beginning to take hold as a necessary part of a quality landscape design. They add a feeling of peace and can turn your backyard into a waterside retreat. Whether you are looking for a small fountain for your condo patio or a full pond with a stream and waterfall for your Oakland County backyard, we can include it in your landscape design and build it to perfectly match your paver or stone hardscapes.

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