Using Stone Slabs in Landscape Design in Macomb County, Michigan

Creating beautiful landscapes in Macomb County requires the use of many types of materials. Not only do we use stone, brick and concrete pavers to create beautiful hardscapes, but we also use plant materials, rock and stone in other forms to build a backyard oasis for your home. One of our favorite materials for landscape design and construction is stone slabs. Stone slabs are a very versatile material and can be both decorative and functional features in your landscape design.

Stone Slab Stairs

If you need to create a stairway between your patio and other landscape features, or perhaps you need an elegant way to get from your home’s interior to your patio, you have some options. We can stack a set of stairs using brick or stone pavers, or we can install a set of stone slabs that will make a sturdy set of stairs, without the time and cost of pavers. Stone stairs can easily be added into slopes and through the lawn and plantings to create a natural looking stairway through your landscape. Many types of stone have natural texture that can provide a non-slip surface for your stairs. Solid slab stairs can also be stacked at doorways and provide a nice stable transition between the patio and your home’s interior.

Stone Slab Retaining Walls

Large stone slabs are a great way to build very strong and very unique retaining walls. Use stone slabs to create a chunky and substantial looking retaining wall that works great to hold back steep slopes, or use them to support additional lawn or useable space for your paver patio. Properly stacked stone slabs are very strong and can hold a lot of weight, so they are ideal for building retaining walls. Retaining walls built from stone slabs also have a more natural look than stacked brick or concrete pavers. If you don’t want to have a full wall built of stone slabs, consider stone slabs as a top for your retaining wall, giving a solid surface around the top edge of a stacked paver wall.


Stone Slab Patio Furniture

This is a fun and unique way to incorporate stone slabs into your hardscape or patio. Stone slabs make great benches, chairs, and tables. They can be free standing and installed as part of your patio project or they can be discreetly installed in retaining walls or as part of your landscaping features. Stone slab patio furniture is heavy duty, can be built to fit any part of your patio space, and lasts a long time. You don’t have to worry about plastic deteriorating or metal furniture rusting.

Living Space Features with Stone Slab

Stone slabs can also be incorporated into outdoor living space features such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and fireplaces. Use stone slabs to top your fire pit, or create a hearth or mantle for your outdoor fireplace. Smooth, sealed stone slabs are perfect for counter tops in outdoor kitchens.

Stone slabs are a great material for every facet of your hardscape design. They create beautiful, functional, and natural looking landscaping features that will last a long time. Requiring minimal maintenance, they may just be the perfect landscaping material.

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