Selecting the Right Material for Your Poolside Patio in Oakland Township, Michigan

Swimming pools are a really popular feature for Oakland Township backyards. They are a feature that all members of your family can enjoy, whether you have kids that love to swim and romp in the pool or you want to use a pool for health and fitness benefits. If you have a great pool in your yard and are looking to add a patio around it, or tie it into your outdoor living space, there are a few things you need to consider when selecting a hardscape surface for around your swimming pool.

Brick vs. Natural Stone

Both brick pavers and natural stone pavers are great options for the hard surface around your pool. When you are thinking about what material to put around your pool, one of the things that you need to consider is durability. Some brick and natural stone products hold up better under the wet conditions around a pool than others. When we are helping you design your pool-side patio, we will give you suggestions for products we think are best and the most durable for around a pool. We also consider the other outdoor hard surfaces and landscape features that you may want to coordinate with.

Non-Slip Surface

This is a really important feature to think about when you are installing a pool-side patio. The last thing you want is to create a beautiful area around you pool that is slippery when it gets wet. We recommend stone or brick pavers that have a bit of roughness or texture to them, to create a “natural” non-slip surface. Some stone and brick pavers come with a very smooth surface, which looks great and is perfect for areas that are dry. However, these products are not a great choice for around your pool. If you already have smooth textured stone or brick in your existing hardscapes, our designers can suggest products that will coordinate well but still provide a safe surface around your pool.

Heat Under the Sun

Believe it or not, but not all stone or brick pavers get hot in the sun. This is a really important consideration for an area where you and your friends and family will be barefoot. Hot surfaces and swimming pools don’t go together well, so when you are considering materials for your pool side patio, remember that dark colored stone and brick pavers can get very warm in the sun, which can be uncomfortable for bare feet. Lighter colored pavers are often better for pool side patios, because they don’t hold on to heat as well.

Seal It!

The last thing that you should consider when creating a pool-side patio is adding a sealant to your brick pavers. Stone pavers don’t generally require a seal, but if you are installing a brick paver patio that uses sand to fill the gaps, you will want to ensure that a good sealant is included in your design. This will keep water from sneaking under the bricks and dislodging the sand that keeps your patio flat and level. Uneven pavers can be tripping hazards and painful on barefoot toes.

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